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Best Grants for Women Business Owners

Overview of The Best Grants for Women Business Owners

This article about grants for women business owners will explore some of the best grants available specifically for women-owned businesses. We will discuss government grants provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA), private grants such as Amber Grant for Women and Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program as well as non-profit organization grants provided by Women’s Business Centers (WBC).

Each section will provide an overview of eligibility criteria, types of grants available and application processes along with tips on how you can increase your chances of success.

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The Importance of Grants for Women Business Owners

The importance of grants for women business owners cannot be overstated. Starting a business often requires significant financial investment, but women may face additional challenges in accessing funding due to systemic biases in the financial industry. According to a report by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), only 15% of small business loans go to women-led ventures. This gap in accessing capital contributes significantly to why only 20% of small businesses are owned by women.

In addition, female entrepreneurs may face discrimination based on gender or marital status when seeking bank loans or other traditional forms of financing. Funding through grants eliminates these biases and opens up more opportunities for female entrepreneurs who might otherwise be overlooked.

By providing grant opportunities specifically targeted towards female entrepreneurs, organizations are helping level the playing field and giving deserving candidates a chance at success. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated time and again that supporting female entrepreneurship has ripple effects throughout society.

Studies show that companies with more gender diversity tend to perform better financially than those without it. Additionally, businesses owned by women tend to prioritize social responsibility and give back more generously to their communities.

As such, investing in female-led small businesses is not only an ethical decision but also an economically sound one. By providing resources like grants targeted towards emerging female entrepreneurs, society as a whole stands to benefit from increased innovation and economic growth powered by diverse perspectives and experiences.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Grants For Women Business Owners

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a government agency that offers several grant programs to support small businesses. Some of these grants are developed and implemented specifically to help women business women business owners.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for an SBA grant, the business owner must meet certain eligibility criteria.

The SBA requires the business to be operated for profit, have fewer than 500 employees, and be based in the United States. Additionally, the business owner must have invested time and/or money in the business and possess reasonable equity to participate in SBA’s grant programs.

The eligibility criteria for specific SBA grants may vary depending on the program; however, most of them focus on supporting small businesses that are owned by women or minorities. Therefore, women-owned business owners are highly encouraged to apply.

Top SBA Grant For Women Business Owners:

Women’s Business Centers Grant: This program provides financial assistance to organizations that offer training, counseling, and mentorship services to women entrepreneurs

Top SBA Grant Application Process & Tips:

Before applying for any SBA grant program, it is crucial to carefully review all eligibility requirements. Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, you can begin preparing your application materials. The application process involves submitting a detailed proposal outlining how you plan to use the grant funds towards achieving your business goals.

The proposal should include information about your industry background, current financial status of your company including cash flow statements etc., expected outcomes after receiving the grant and the timeline of expected outcomes. To increase your chances of being selected for an SBA grant, it is crucial to have a well-written and comprehensive proposal.

You may seek help from a professional grant writer or consultant who can help you craft your proposal while keeping in mind the requirements of the specific SBA program. Proper planning, attention to detail, and persistence could help you secure an SBA grant to propel your business endeavors forward.

Private Grants For Women Business Owners

While government grants for women business owners can be a great option, private grants are also available to help support and grow women-owned businesses. The Amber Grant for Women is one such grant that has been around since 1998 and has awarded over $500,000 in grants to date. The Amber Grant is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs who are just starting out or those who have a small business in its early stages.

Amber Grant for Women

The Amber Grant is a monthly grant of $1,000 that is awarded to one woman entrepreneur each month. In addition to the monthly grant, at the end of each year, one of the monthly winners will receive an additional $10,000 grant. To apply for the Amber Grant, eligible applicants must fill out an online application form and pay a $15 application fee.

The eligibility criteria for the Amber Grant require applicants to be women entrepreneurs who are US citizens or legal residents, at least 18 years old and have plans to use the grant money to start or grow their business. The application process requires applicants to answer four questions about their business including what inspired them to start their business, what sets their business apart from others, how they plan on using the grant money and what they hope to achieve by receiving the grant.

Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program

The Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program was established in 2004 by clothing designer Eileen Fisher and has since helped support several women-owned businesses across the country. This program aims at providing financial support of up to $10,000 per recipient along with mentorship opportunities.

To be eligible for this program, applicants should be at least 21 years old with a registered woman-owned company based in either United States or Canada that has been in operation for at least three years. Additionally, the business must have less than $1 million in annual revenue.

The application process requires applicants to submit their business plan, financial statements, and a description of how the grant will be used to advance their business. The Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program is a perfect opportunity for women entrepreneurs who are looking for both financial support and mentorship.

It’s important to note that both grants require a thorough application process, so it’s essential that you provide detailed answers on your application form while ensuring that your business plan is fully explained and well-executed. Being awarded these grants can help propel your business growth and make a significant impact on your entrepreneurial journey.

Deep Dive On WBC Grants for Women Business Owners

When it comes to finding grants for women business owners, non-profit organizations can be a valuable resource. One such organization is the Women’s Business Centers (WBC).

The WBC provides a range of services to women entrepreneurs, including business counseling, networking opportunities, and training workshops. They also offer different types of grants to help women-owned businesses grow and succeed.

Services Offered by Women's Business Centers:

The Women’s Business Centers have over 100 locations across the United States and its territories. Each center offers a variety of services to help women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Some of these services include:

  • One-on-one business counseling
  • Training workshops on various aspects of business ownership, such as marketing and financial management
  • Access to funding resources, including grants
  • Mentoring programs with experienced business owners
  • Networking events with other local entrepreneurs


Types of Grants Available Through WBCs

The Women’s Business Centers offer several different types of grants to women-owned businesses. These grants can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hiring employees or expanding operations. The types of grants available through WBCs include:

Federal Grant Programs:

This program has been designed in order to bring innovative ideas that can address market gaps faced by small companies in the US. The maximum amount an applicant may request is $50,000.

The program intends to help small businesses led by changemakers access capital and other resources they require in order to grow their businesses. The selected startups would receive up to $50,000.

  • Private Grant Programs: In addition to government grants, WBCs also offer private grants designed specifically for women-owned businesses.

Private Grant Programs:

Created in the year 2006 by Cartier and INSEAD Business School, the initiative has a mission to support female entrepreneurs across the world through funding and business coaching. There will be a total of seven laureates awarded with prize money of $100,000.

Open Meadows Foundation is a US-based organization that funds projects promoting gender, racial and economic equality. They provide grants up to $2,000 to support women-led projects that have limited access to financial resources.

Application Process and Tips

The application process for WBC grants varies depending on the type of grant you’re applying for. Generally speaking, however, you’ll need to provide detailed information about your business and its financial history. You may also be required to submit a detailed business plan outlining your goals and strategies for growth. To increase your chances of being approved for a grant through WBCs, it’s important to follow some tips such as:


  • Ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements before applying
  • Carefully review all application instructions before beginning the process
  • Provide clear and concise answers when completing the application
  • Include any supporting documents or references that may help to strengthen your application
  • Follow up with the WBC after submitting your application to check on its status and provide any additional information as needed.


Not Limiting Yourself To Grants for Women Business Owners

Whenever you are looking for business funding, it is important to exhaust all avenues that may be available to you. In this article, we have covered many outstanding grants solely dedicated to helping women succeed in business. However, there are many more business funding options than just grants for women business owners. If you happen to be a woman business owner who is also apart of a minority group or a veteran, you may have some great niche grant opportunities. There are also many funding opportunities outside of grants such as investors, loans, or crowdfunding opportunities. 

Conclusion On Grants for Women Business Owners

The journey of starting a business is not an easy one, especially when it comes to funding. Luckily, women entrepreneurs now have access to several grants that can provide the financial support they need to take their businesses to the next level.

In this article, we have explored some of the best grants for women business owners. From government grants offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to private grants like Amber Grant for Women and Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program and non-profit organization grants through Women’s Business Centers (WBCs), we have covered a range of options available for women entrepreneurs.

It is important to remember that these grant opportunities are not just about receiving financial assistance but also about being part of a supportive community that is invested in helping women succeed as business owners. Through these resources, female entrepreneurs can access valuable training and mentorship programs that can help them grow their businesses strategically and sustainably.



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