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The Summer Side Hustle: Turn Your Summer Downtime into Prime Time

Unless you’re financially free already, a summer side hustle is a must. Temperatures are rising, and your bank account should be too! No matter where you are, theres always a way to make some extra money if you look in the right places. Here’s why starting a side hustle this summer can have you shining by next summer:

High temperatures and low money? Not the combo for you. A little bit of free time spent properly can lead to a lot more pocket change. Instead of sitting and swiping, turn your downtime into dollars with a new side hustle. Your summer side hustle should help you:

  • The extra income you earn can help smash debts, save for big investments, cushion your emergency fund, or pay for that trip to the islands you have been wanting to take for three summers!
  • Fit your hustle around your main gig. Work smarter, not harder. When starting a side hustle its easy to get excited and overcommit. Just remember the ultimate goal, more cash not more headaches!

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summer side hustle

The skills you learn from your side hustle can help you in many facets of life, and summer is the perfect season to level up your knowledge. Consistently read books, educational blogs or industry publications to help you expand your cash generating skills, and watch your life begin to change. Beyond just bettering yourself, summertime is the perfect time to:

  • Test out those bold business concepts. No matter if its that edgy marketing campaign, adding a new product/service or trying a new process; the summer is a great time to begin implementing new things into your side hustle.
  • If you want to offer new or improved services to your customers, its essential that you continually upgrade your entrepreneurial skillset. Hustle can get you far, but you have to learn some things along the way to truly make some more money.
  • Many entrepreneurs start their side hustles alone, however, it is impossible to scale a business without a team. Wether its training new team members or refreshing a current ones skillset, hot summer days are the perfect time to sit inside and spend some one-on-one time with the people who are helping you grow.
Summer Side Hustle

Your summer side hustle isn’t just a cash cow; it’s a gateway to new relationships. Every time you step out to a coffee shop, deli or bar; you have the opportunity to promote yourself and your business. You don’t need to carry around a megaphone and scream to everyone that you’re an entrepreneur, but when people ask you what you do; never neglect to mention your side hustle! Taking the time to genuinely network with others can help you:

Each new project is more than just an opportunity to make more more income, it’s also a networking opportunity! You never know who you’re talking to and what their network looks like.

Who knows what the people you meet today may do tomorrow. The plumber that you created a logo for might end up fixing the presidents sink one day, or even become the president themselves! Many people collect a business card or other contact information, and never even reach out. Make yourself stand out by regularly reconnecting with the people you have networked with!

In a world thats all about who you know, it helps to be resourceful. Be the person who is sending your connections good leads, and offer more value to your clients by having trusted referrals for other needs they may have.

Why wait? Its perfectly okay to fail and if you succeed, you’ll make more money! Transform your free time into a summer side that could lead to long-term success. Boost your income, hone new skills, and expand your network. Let this be the summer you elevate your entrepreneurial game!



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