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Canva [Possibly The Internets Most Helpful Creative Tool]

Basic Breakdown:

Canva is one of the fastest growing tools used to develop a wide variety of digital creative projects from graphic design and social media tools to full on video editing capabilities. Canva is one of Hustler’s Library’s favorite tools and is used by our entire team every single day. If you are an entrepreneur who plans to have any kind of digital presence, we highly recommend you get Canva. The free version is awesome, but if you are serious about creating professional branding, or developing a consistent digital content strategy; we highly recommend you get Canva Pro! We say at least once a week that it is some of the best money our team has ever invested in a tool to help our team execute online. Canva is a Hustler’s Library Certified Essential!

Best Uses:

Pros & cons:

There is good and bad that comes with using any tool or software suite online. While Canva is one of those tools that has far more pros that cons, we have to give a fair look at every tool we use! Check out our our best attempt at a fair review below!

The time it takes to become a confident and comfortable creator on Canva is very little compared to other soft wears like final cut and adobe cloud.

Canva has a dedicated YouTube channel with sure simple tutorials on how to do everything on their software from graphic design to video editing.

If you purchase Canva pro then you are introduce to a whole catalog of extra tools and features to make your creation better!

With the pro purchase you will be able to share projects with team members and all work on the project. To have a faster turn around time!

Without the pro version of canva, your creativity and productivity is not at its best. without the pro version you will not be able to navigate and use everything Canva has to offer.

Free version only allows people to use a small percentage of Canva. Until you purchase the pro version there will be a sealing on your creativity for everything you are trying to create in Canva.

If you are looking to use Canva for your business then you need to upgrade to the pro version. The free version of is a great introduction on how to navigate and use the software however it is not enough to create fresh, custom designs for your clients.

Top Hustlers Who Recommend:

Hustler’s Library only chooses tools that real entrepreneurs use every day! See some of the top Hustler’s that we know for sure use Canva on a Regular basis!




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