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Will Change Lives – Dropshipping + FBA

Difficulty: Easy
A whole E-commerce course. this course will teach you social media ads, dropshipping, FBA, FBM, and it covers everything for each of those skills. this course is brought by Will Change lives.

Course Content

This course was filled with some great content, especially for those new to e-commerce. It takes a very deep look at dropshipping with Shopify and teaches some great Amazon FBA/FBM. A fair warning, if you are strictly looking for Amazon FBA/FBM knowledge, this course is more heavily focused on Shopify. There were some small portions of the course that we were not necessarily fans of, but no one can be perfect. Our main issue with these sections was purely the motivational portions of the course. While we respect and appreciate that this may be beneficial to some entrepreneurs, we are already a highly motivated team. We paid for information, not a hype man. However, if you are new to entrepreneurship or struggle with this motivation than this could easily be seen as great added value!


Will is a very engaging and proficient speaker. He breaks down every section in great detail along with providing adequate notes for each section. He had some guest motivational speakers who were nice if you are into that. The speaker who touched on Amazon FBM specifically was not our favorite, as we believed he encouraged some people to practice misleading tactics in our opinion. Overall the majority of the content is directly from Will himself and he does an awesome job instructing.

Course delivery

They had a really smooth website with an easy-to-navigate course portal. Each portal is broken down into smaller sections with videos that were titled well so that it is easy to go back and find the video you need. No video on the course is no longer than 10 minutes.


The content itself was engaging, however, it did not offer any quizzes or tests to make sure that you are really comprehending the content.

price value ratio

When we purchased the course it was $1500. If you are a beginner this is a great course for the value. It covers a wide range of things that will help give you a foundation for any future e-commerce venture. If you have quite a bit of e-commerce experience already, you may find that much of the content is redundant.
Overall the course was pretty solid and had value for someone at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey, but we recommend this course for beginners. For more great course reviews, book reviews, entrepreneurship education, and resources keep up with Hustler’s Library!